As health problems like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer become more prevalent, many of these diseases have been linked with an increase in people who are overweight or are simply carrying too much fat than they should be. In fact, most, if not all, of the cases of such diseases can be traced back to consuming and having too much fat and animal protein in the body. Logically, this would mean that if one wants to prevent and avoid obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, then it would mean simply to eat low levels of fat that are healthy for humans and to stop eating animal products like meat, dairy and eggs. Now, can doing this help to lose weight? It can. In fact, there are so many real life case studies out there now (as well as conclusive scientific evidence and even video anecdotes on Youtube) that if you want to lose weight, lose weight healthily and live a happy, healthy and rewarding life, then eating a low fat, plant based diet is the way to go. To take it a step further, a low fat, raw food fruits and vegetables plant based diet is the optimal diet for optimal health and life.

Now, many will now jump on this and say things like “But man is carnivorous and designed to eat meat”, “where do you get your protein from a plant based diet?”, “but plants do not taste as good” or “I just don’t want to eat fruits and vegetables”. Now all these statements like saying man is a carnivore and thus eating meat is only natural have been debunked and are simply myths that everyone regurgitates after being ‘educated’ by the big meat and dairy corporations out there. At the end of the day, one should ask if he or she wants to be healthy or not. It happens so often that people end up with regrets after being diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, cancer or end up being overweight and needing to lose weight in order to avoid more medical problems or simply to live and then they all say “Health is wealth” or “Health is the most important thing in life”. Before that, they will refuse to contemplate making the necessary changes to improve the quality of their lives and simply argue that “there is more to life than just health”. Sure, there is more to life than good health, but without good health, there will be no life to speak of, unless you enjoy living a short life wrecked by most days feeling horrible. Even people who drink and do drugs so often spend more time in bed feeling sick and drowned in their vomit compared to the few minutes of a high they get from that abuse. Why do that when you can be on a perpetual high on a raw food fruits and vegetables plant based diet simply because you are feeling clean and good from a healthy body?

You can lose weight easily from a raw food plant based diet and it is easy to do. Many overweight or obese people have adopted it and gotten great results. What this diet or lifestyle does is start cleaning your body of the toxins and fat that have accumulated in your body during the years of abuse from eating meat, dairy and eggs, as well as toxins from processed foods. The truth is that your body can heal itself, but in order to do that, you must help facilitate the process by giving your body the nutrition it needs and that means eating clean, natural whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Of course, there is the problem of pesticides on them, but that is why organic is the way to go. Even if you cannot afford going all organic, just make sure you clean the fruits and vegetables thoroughly and you are good to go. Invariably, non-organic fruits and vegetables are still better than animal products like meat, dairy and eggs.

Eat your bananas to lose weight on a raw food plant based diet
Eat your bananas to lose weight on a raw food plant based diet

Taking the first step on a raw food plant based diet to lose weight is easier than you think. First of all, keep in mind that in order to thrive and regain your health and lose all that excess weight, the diet should be an 80/10/10 diet, which means 80% of your calories should come from carbohydrates, 10% from protein and 10% from fat. This has been shown to be the optimal diet for any person who wants to lose weight and be healthy, while having the energy to live his life no matter what it entails. This approach was formulated by Dr. Douglas Graham (read The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight and Your Life One Luscious Bite At A Time) and is proven by countless case studies from his clients as well as an increasing number of people in a community who have taken on the lifestyle to achieve all their life goals.

Will eating so much carbohydrates make me fat? That is one of the first questions people ask when they find out about this diet/lifestyle. First of all, fat makes you fat. Carbohydrates are needed by your body to provide the energy it requires for daily life. Eat enough and your body will have all the energy it needs. If you eat too much of it, of course it will be turned into fat but that is the same case for carbohydrates, fat or protein. Why eat so much carbohydrates then? Because the human body was designed to utilise carbohydrates first and most efficiently for energy. Many people see that you need to consume 80% of your calories on carbohydrates and get frightened by the absolute figure, but that is a relative amount and depends on how many calories your body needs to live the life you desire.

So where can you get your carbohydrates from? And in raw form? Fruits are the best source as the sugars (carbohydrates) in them are plentiful, whole sugars and used efficiently by your body. Bananas, apples, oranges, papayas, watermelons and more – all of them are good sources of quality carbohydrates and you can eat as many of them as you want or need. Won’t so much sugar give me diabetes? No it won’t. Diabetes is caused by having too much fat in your blood and body so much so that it cannot process the sugar (carbohydrates) properly, causing a load on your pancreas and other organs and not delivering the fuel your body needs in order to maintain healthy cells. Again, read the work of Dr. Douglas Graham, Dr. Colin T Campbell (The China Study) and Dr. McDougall (The Starch Solution) to gain a better scientific insight into this.

If you have problems getting enough fruits or want to have variety, then you can get them from grains or starchy roots like rice and potatoes. Eating raw is the best way to go for your body in order to get living foods into it as cooking your food actually destroys most of its nutritional value and changes its nature, thus causing it to be more toxic once eaten. You can lightly steam your potatoes (below 105 F) and vegetables but at the end of the day, having them raw will ensure that you are eating them whole and in the complete natural form that they were designed for humans to benefit most from.

There is more to say about losing weight on a raw food plant based diet that comprises fruits and vegetables and future posts will provide more information in every area. Right now, it is the best and only way for anyone to drop the excess weight permanently without any side effects, gain optimal health and live the kind of life they want, in the process ensuring we do not harm more animals and lives in general and keeping the planet healthy and in balance. There are other factors like getting enough sleep and drinking enough water but the first step would be to clean up your diet if you want to stop being plagued by excess fat, overweight, fatigue, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, candida and a myriad of other health problems – stop eating animal products and start eating your fruits and vegetables!